100 Days of Experiments

Hello world!

I’m finally joining the internet. Go me.

So here’s why I start this new snippet of the internet now. Today so happens to be April 6th, the official start date of the 100 day project. I’ve decided to take on a project of my own: I call it, 100 Days of Experiments! Any similarity in titles to other projects is purely coincidental.

For the next 100 days, I will be doing 1 experiment in the lab I work in as a graduate student each weekday and posting an image of that experiment here. For the days that I don’t come into lab, I’ll be running “experiments” in my kitchen by creating a new culinary creation. I get to turn my work and my favorite hobby into a 100 day project, pretty sweet yes?

Rules: because the word “experiment” could mean a wide range of things to a scientist, for a day’s work to count in the experiment, it has to produce a result that is measurable in a number, image, or graph. This means that any setup for the experiment (growing/transferring cells, dissecting animals, preparing or sectioning tissue) does not count as a day’s “experiment”. Don’t worry, I won’t post any gross images here 😀

If you’re a scientist (or not) and wondering why I feel the need to make my work into a project, allow me to expand. 100 Days of Experiments is for me to battle feelings of discouragement and fear of failure in my work, as well as to share science with the internet. If you are interested in scientific research, I hope that this will give an idea of what research looks and feels like for me in these next 100 days.

Pretty much sums up my mentality regarding this project.

Ready to do some science with me? Cool, thanks.


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