Day 3 of 100: Short Post

Today’s experiment: test the cleanliness of my RNA from yesterday.



Summary: It’s clean!

Stuff happened today. I got lunch with a friend. I picked up a volunteer who’s going to follow me around for the next two months, and he happens to be the little brother of a friend of mine from college. This world just got reeeeeallly small.

I made some complementary DNA (cDNA) from my RNA from yesterday using reverse transcriptase PCR, and the only proof I have that it worked is this rather blurry image. The fact that you can’t see anything in the bottom half of my image means that my RNA didn’t have any DNA contamination in it (sweet!) and now I’ve made some DNA that I can use in another experiment that I’ll do once I get some more samples from older mice, hurray!

That is all. (^-^)v


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