Day 5 of 100: Something new-ish

Today’s experiment: Get some images of teeth cells



…Hah, this image is unrecognizable. Sorry.

Well the image itself isn’t going to tell you much for a few reasons: 1) I’m not entirely sure I’m using the microscope correctly, 2) this is a negative control so you’re not supposed to see any color but blue, and 3) I’m not actually going to show you an image I’m planning on using in the future, you’ll have to read my next paper when it comes out in about a year XD

But I’m pretty proud of that section because my sections are about 4 uM thick. I’m slowly getting the hang of sectioning, and while many researchers I’ve talked to at other schools/companies get other people to do their sectioning for them, this is something I’m learning to do myself. I’ve previously been unable to get sections any thinner than 6-7 uM, but because the width of a cell is about 3-4 uM, thicker sections make not-so-pretty images because you’re looking at multiple cells, when ideally you want your sections to be one cell thick.

So anyway this is a cross-section of a mouse mandibular incisor (= lower jaw) and I’ve zoomed in pretty closely, but the right side of the image represents the “ameloblast” cells, which are the cells that actually form the enamel.

Someday I’ll get better images, but having a nice thin 4 uM section is enough for me to be satisfied for now 😀

Happy Friday friends!


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