Day 6 of 100: Chamomile Cupcakes

Today’s experiment: Chamomile Cupcakes for a church youth group event



Phew, I came close to not making this on time…

These cupcakes were a huge success! I had one myself on the way to the event while I was stressing out from being totally lost (I thought I knew LA, since I’ve lived here my whole life…), and one of the students I drove home and one of my roommates thoroughly enjoyed them. I think this experiment was successful! Now if only my lab experiments were this successful…

I used this recipe from Joy the Baker, she’s got lots of great recipes and equally good writing! I used fresh chamomile because I get a biweekly box of seasonal fruits and veggies through Abundant Harvest Organics, and my box this week had fresh chamomile! Aka I had to use it pretty quick lest it die on me… But I just took the flowers and crumbled them up into the batter, and they make a wonderful smell and a nice, subtle taste. I also didn’t make any frosting simply because I ran out of time. But even without the frosting, I am pleased. And very sleepy. Good night internet XD


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