Day 8 of 100: One more time

Today’s experiment: Another RNA extraction. Tired of this yet?



Summary: ……….

I didn’t even notice this until I uploaded this picture, but I forgot to change the setting of the Nanodrop machine I was using to measure the RNA to… RNA. So it’s on DNA right now. Oops.

That’s an easy mistake to fix, I’ll just measure it again tomorrow.

Anyone else have stories of silly mindless mistakes? The first time I made an agarose gel in my current lab, I used water instead of TAE, then wondered where all my DNA went. If you know what I’m talking about you’re either doing a facepalm or thinking “I’VE DONE THE SAME THING”. Maybe both.

At any rate it makes sense that I made that mindless mistake today. I did my dissections and RNA extraction, but there was no RNA. Probably degraded during the process, RNA’s pretty touchy like that. So luckily (I guess) I had a few 9-day-old mice I hadn’t used yet, so I started dissecting those at 4 pm and by the time I was measuring RNA for them, it was 7 and I was itching to go home. Hence, mindless mistake.

Poor mice. Thanks for giving me grace in the mistakes I made today.


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