Day 9 of 100: It goes…

Today’s experiments: make some cDNA out of my mice RNA, get RNA from my cells.



So I have good, clean cDNA from all 12 of my mice samples: 4 from my 3-day-old mice (see my Day 3 post), and the 8 shown above, 4 each from 6-day and 9-day mice. Awesome \(^-^)/ Now for the next step, to see if my genes-of-interest are expressed at differing levels depending on the age of the mouse…

I didn’t include a graph for the cell RNA samples, we’ll get to those in a later post. Just wanted to change things up a little.

In other news, I currently have the RNA extraction protocol memorized. It’s sort of like memorizing a recipe, really.

G’nighties, internet!


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