Day 10 of 100: I got a thing!

Today’s experiment: Check gene expression from my day 3, 6, and 9 mice.



This is a screenshot from my realtime PCR results. That primer dimer on the far right is a bit unfortunate, but that happens. I may have to check it on a gel or melt curve to make sure the primer itself isn’t contaminated…

But! This is exciting because I HAVE STUFF. Yay, results! All that work about pulling teeth and harvesting RNA and checking cDNA has finally paid off! It’s like in those RPG games where you grind for hours and finally that grinding allows you to beat the boss… I guess Pokemon can teach you something about perseverance XD

…Ahem anyway, here’s how to read that graph. Each group of curves represents one gene. The curves themselves represent each of my replicates: I have 4 mice (“biological replicates“) and each mouse sample I’ve done in triplicate on this plate (“experimental replicates“), which will hopefully take care of possible variation between mice and in my own pipetting errors. Cut me some slack, it’s a small volume.

This plate only has my 9-day-old mice samples, I tested the 3- and 6-day samples on another plate. And when I combine all three, I’ll have a nice, pretty bar graph! And the power of the moon, or something.

Yep, definitely bedtime. Nighties y’all!


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