Day 11 of 100: Pretty graphs ftw

Today’s (yesterday’s, at this point) experiment: compare gene expression!


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.24.37 PM

Summary: pretty graph is preeeettyyyy.

We scientists live for graphs like this. The colored columns with small serif-like error bars give us great satisfaction. And maybe a publication one day.

So here are my 4 genes! The first one seems to be expressed significantly more (“upregulated”) in my older mice. The other 3 aren’t that interesting. They exist.

Sorry this is post is pretty late, I assure you, I had the data yesterday 😀 If you are part of the angry mob that was wondering where Day 11 was, I hope to placate you with a picture of a lizard that I found on the stairs by my lab:


He was just hanging out there. Usually they freak out and scuttle away. I guess he was posing for this.


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