Day 12 of 100: Even more of the same

Today’s experiment: Make cDNA of some of my cell samples



Summary: My RNA extraction and cDNA kits work pretty darn well, I must say.

Thankfully, I am DONE with RNA extraction. For now, anyway. I have about 45 samples of RNA just chilling in a -80F freezer. Why 45, you ask? Well I have 3 different time points, 3 different media conditions for my cells, and I did each of those conditions 5x: so 45. The RNA extraction was madness.

So in this gel I’m checking the cleanliness of the RNA/cDNA of the 15-1 samples of my 1st time point.

Why -1? Well that’s the result of another silly mistake where I dropped my sample into the trash can. Hence, 4 samples in one grouping on that gel. Yeah, so paying attention is a good thing. Should be fine, I’ll check that.

Happy Friday, friends. Let’s make something in the kitchen tomorrow for our day off 😀


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