Day 13 of 100: Do something brunchy

Today’s experiment: Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes for brunch!



I had been wanting to try this recipe for these pancakes for a while now. Today was the perfect opportunity to make these because 1) I was rushing all over the place today and wasn’t about to churn out cinnamon rolls, though when I next get a lazy Saturday Imma be all over that bizness, 2) I had some leftover lemons from my last box from Abundant Harvest and a stash of poppyseeds from when I first saw this recipe and got excited and bought some, and I needed an opportunity to use them up, and 3) because PANCAKES and it is always a good time for pancakes.


Note for next time: Definitely grind up the lemon zest and stick it in the batter. Go figure, the lemon zest it what actually makes the stuff taste like lemon, more so than the lemon juice. My pancakes ended up tasting like standard pancakes with a slight crunch from the poppyseeds and a hint of lemon. And I want them to be special pancakes that glow with the sweet tang of lemon.

Well, it was an experiment. I’ll try it again sometime soon, like maybe tomorrow. I still have another lemon just hanging out in my fridge.


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