Day 17 of 100: We move to protein

Today’s experiment: measure the protein concentration of my mouse samples



Summary: I forgot to take a picture of the machine that measured the protein concentration, so here’s some calculations of what I need to add to my protein slush now that I know the concentration. It’s a little messy, and really not that complex of a calculation, I basically need to dilute my protein sample and add some buffer so that the final protein concentration is 1 ug/uL in each of my 3 tubes.

Remember back when I dissected all those mice? I used 4 of them for RNA extraction and 2 for protein extraction. I just stored the protein stuff in the freezer until I processed the RNA stuff, because RNA is like a child that needs to be attended to NOW and protein is the more chill adult version who’s like, “whenever you get around to it, it’s cool, I’m not in a hurry.”

Thanks for your patience, protein. I’ll measure you now. I’ll actually use the protein in the famed Western blot experiment later this week or next week, whenever I get around to it. It’s chill.


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