Day 19 of 100: What’s my job again?

Today’s experiment: get some micro CT images of a tooth



No, this is not my image. But that’s more or less what I’m going for in my images.

Micro CT scanning is an x-ray based method of microscopy, where a machine bombards an item with x-rays. The more white a section of an object is, the more dense it is.

So basically, your teeth are surrounded by a thin layer of this white stuff we know of as enamel. Which is in fact the hardest material in the human body (more so than the rest of the bones in your body), but underneath the enamel is a less solid material called dentin. These layers protect the nerves and roots underneath, but once enamel gets eroded it HURTS because the 1st and strongest line of defense is gone.

At one point in the last few days, I changed from being a molecular biology researcher to a visual effects coordinator.

So for you who are in animation/film, you will probably correct me on that.

Point being, brush your teeth.


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