Day 20 of 100: Makin’ cool stuff

Today’s experiment: well, technically it was this recipe of chicken and dumplings, which was pretty bomb, But I’m going to show you something I made with da bf and one of our friends for a birthday party last night, because they look EPIC.



That’s right: these are KOOPA SHELL CAKE POPS! I found this recipe through Nerdy Nummies a while ago and I have been looking for an opportunity to make them, and that opportunity finally came this week!

But yeah these were REALLY HARD. Candy melts are not the best medium to work with. We kept trying to dip the cake pops but the candy melts were a bit too viscous (hah, sciency word) and the cake pops kept falling off their sticks. And I’m not the best froster, if that makes any sense. But they were still very yummy and look like koopa shells, which is what we were going for. Yay!


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