Day 26 of 100: Still nope

Today’s experiment: Western blot again, trying a different antibody…



Nope, not sure what’s going on here.

I’m pretty sure the second set of bands corresponds to my protein, but the antibody’s page doesn’t have any reference “this is what it’s supposed to look like” data.

I know it’s supposed to look the same for all 3 lanes, and it really doesn’t, I’m concluding that this antibody is also not-so-good. I just ordered a few more and we’ll test them when they arrive.

So today I listened to the other grad student in my lab defend his thesis, which is really exciting because (I’m pretty sure) he’s officially a Ph.D. now! Hurray! And he was presenting for about an hour and fifteen minutes, plus another forty for questions from his committee of 5 professors. I’ll be looking forward to that in maybe 3 years or so.

One experiment, one day, one antibody at a time.


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