Day 27 of 100: Supa late

So yeah I’m a little behind here, but I’ll be posting probably 3 times today to get back on track…

The actual Day 27 experiment: Chai pancakes!



My boyfriend and I enjoy doing breakfasts and breakfast-for-dinners together. We made both happen for these pancakes. We made these together for breakfast, then he ate more of them as a late-night snack.

The recipe from Joy the Baker calls for 1/2 cup of chai tea, so I brewed a mug of chai tea and then misread the directions and thought it called for a cup and a half of the tea (in my defense, it’s 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk, which is written right above the tea directions…), which I didn’t realize until just after I had my boyfriend add 1 1/2 cups of tea to our batter.

So then we improvised. We added a little less buttermilk and a little more flour and spices because we couldn’t be bothered to scrap the whole thing and start over.

So they turned out a little thin, but they still held a pancakey shape and were deliciously chai-y. I approve of this recipe and I’m definitely going to make it happen again, hopefully following the directions this time.


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