Day 34 of 100: Green everywhere!

Today’s experiment: Matcha pancakes!


I may be in a pancake phase, that I’ve really never left.

I love breakfast food and get very excited about the possibility of making something breakfast-style and eating it at various times of the day.

I have a lot of extra buttermilk from last week’s chai pancakes, and I recently rediscovered my little cup of matcha green tea, so I decided to look up “matcha buttermilk pancake recipe” in Google and make this match happen.

This recipe was the first entry, so I made it happen.

Yup, they’re green. But they’re lovely, with a slight hint of matcha flavor, which I love.

So here’s part 2 in clearly a series about tea-related pancakes 😀

Give your mom a hug and make pancakes or something tomorrow ❤


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