Day 37 of 100: Hmm, maybe?

Today’s experiment: Western blot on using a new antibody



It’s faint. But it might be right. I don’t really know.

It looks like the bands get darker as you go from left to right, which is what I want. Unfortunately the bands seem a bit small in size.

The way that protein gels work is that smaller proteins move faster, so they’re toward the bottom. The larger proteins are up top. There are exceptions, but I won’t go into that here.

So the bands that are the darkest are slightly smaller than I would expect, which could mean a few different things: a) My protein of interest may have a smaller variant, b) it may be breaking up into multiple pieces, c) the antibody may be binding to something I don’t want it to bind to, or d) none of the above. Ideally, it would be a). I’ll probably talk to someone tomorrow to see if they can make sense of this and direct me on a next step.


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