Day 38 of 100: Curious indeed.

Today’s experiment: Run a control for my Western blot from yesterday



So this Western blot is what we call a loading control. This means that we need to have a control, an image that tells us that we did in fact load the same amount of protein in each lane of our gel.

Except this “loading control” is certainly not telling me that there is the same amount of protein. There seems to be a lot more in the first lane. I’m not entirely sure why, they should all be the same.

Anyway the result that I got from yesterday is no good (it wasn’t the best anyway), so I’m running another gel today.

This may actually be a good thing: I wanted the protein in the far right lane to be a lot more than the rest of them in the Western blot from yesterday, which means that the right band from yesterday should be a lot stronger. May be a good sign. Won’t be able to know that for suresies til next week at least though.


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