Day 39 of 100: Saweet.

Today’s experiment: Western blot on my rat protein instead of mouse protein



Yup, this is good.

This means that I have a great antibody on my hands. This is the same antibody I used on Day 31 of this project, when I was unsure about what those bottom bands were.

But basically the rat protein is better to use than the mouse protein because the mouse protein comes from the entire mouse molar tooth, of which there are many different cell types. The cell type that I’m specifically looking for is in the enamel organ, which is just under the surface enamel bone. If I’m taking the whole molar tooth, then I get the cells that make up the dentin just underneath this enamel organ, and all the different cell types that make up the tooth root, in addition to any other tissue I may have accidentally picked up during dissections. The rat enamel organ is easier to pick out because, well, it has a bigger jaw.

So the bottom bands in my Day 31 image are likely coming from the dentin and root, which I don’t really want anyway. Super sweet.


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