Day 44 of 100: One of those days

Today’s experiment: Run loading control test on my last western blot



Today was one of those days.

Confession: This morning I was rushing out of the house because I had to leave my house by 8 am due to street cleaning, and I didn’t realize until I had basically arrived at lab that I was wearing open-toed shoes.

This is quite a cardinal sin in lab, and so I did everything I could to not run into people. And of course, be very careful not to drop anything on my exposed toes.

Luckily, I didn’t drop anything, and my feet are still intact.

But I’m quite relieved that this control Western looks good, as in those bands look more or less the same. Because the whole realtime not working out has been discouraging for me and I’m quite tired of feeling like I’m spinning my wheels in this project.

I’ll at least complete this data set, but it may actually be that my cells will stubbornly not express the gene I want them to. At which point I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do from there. And that uncertainty is a bit scary.

There is at least a little bit of hope. Today’s Western blot was successful.


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