Day 46 of 100: The complete realtime set

Today’s experiment: finish my cell realtime data


Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.16.28 PM

Yeah so the last 3 sets are pretty, but the first set is… lacking.

It seems that only 1 particular condition allowed me to get stable gene product. Not quite sure why, it might not matter.

I presented this graph at today’s lab meeting, luckily I managed to finish it just before the meeting, basically asking my group what to do from here. It looks like something is happening, maybe that one condition is “stabilizing” the RNA (whatever that means), but my PI said he’d think about it and we’ll meet about it tomorrow.

I’ll be doing more Westerns tomorrow. As much as I am very much so tired of doing realtime, we’ll have to see where this all goes.


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