Day 48 of 100: Nostalgia, everywhere

Today’s experiment: recreate a ~20 year old photo.



This is hands-down the most amazing thing I have accomplished in this 100-day project.

Here’s a little story.

Once upon a time, when those of us in the photos were toddlers and babies, a group of no doubt freaked-out, worn-out, desperate-for-adult-human-connection parents formed a little Bible study at a house somewhere in Los Angeles. Formed through the trials of parenting, their friendship has since spanned over 20 years and some number of states and countries.

These families gathered together on a particular Saturday to celebrate the graduation of one of their progeny (pictured in the middle) from college, and all the families were again reunited at the home of my parents.

So we children made it our mission to recreate a particular amazingly ridiculous photo of those of us who were alive at the time of the original photo. And thus the photo you see before you was born. While we are not quite as carry-able and squishy, we are still equally silly. And hopefully a little more eloquent and educated. And they lived happily ever after, but there will probably be a few more sequels.


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