Day 51 of 100: Back to work

Today’s experiment: dissections and protein extraction



Warning, today’s post is slightly gross. I’ve tried not to make it sound too bad, but read at your own discretion.

I didn’t originally think I was going to have an experiment for today, but then I remembered that the other grad student in my lab gave me her mice, and that they’d be 9 days old today. The day that I needed to dissect them. Blessing in disguise, I suppose.

So I wanted to get protein from different organs in the mouse other than the teeth, so I could compare the levels of protein expression in the other organs, which have been well studied, to the protein expression in the teeth, which no one has a clue about.

I asked the lady who sits behind me to show me where the lung, small intestine, and cortical region of the brain are and how to dissect them, to which she says “it’s really easy” and proceeds to pick the mouse apart for me.

Thankfully I didn’t need to do this for multiple mice, one mouse is enough to get a good amount of protein in each of these organs and feel sufficiently grossed out.

Hopefully I don’t have to do this again, but I guess I know where these organs are if I need to.


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