Day 61 of 100: Well, it happened

Today’s experiment: Western blot, again.



If you’ve done Western blotting before, chances are this has happened to you. It’s probably happened here because the primary antibody didn’t get washed off that well. Ah well, will try again next week.

But also this post is very late because my committee meeting went pretty terribly (in my mind it did, my PI thought it went fine. I’m my greatest critic, I s’pose). At any rate, I got really flustered at 5 professors asking me questions that I wasn’t sure the answer to and then asking me another question before I had time to formulate my answer to the previous one. It was a very stressful situation, and when it was done I relieved that tension by crying in the bathroom for a few minutes and then I was okay.

So for other PhD students, it is okay to get freaked out by your first committee meeting. They’ll ask a lot of questions simply because they want to understand your project better. It’s going to be okay. Which is what the other PhD students and post-docs have been reassuring me the last few days. Sometimes, I need it.


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