Day 64 of 100: Computers do things.

Today’s experiment: see if the internet has some information on what other experiments I can do.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.59.37 PM

Today was when I took the advice of my PI and the other members of my committee to figure out what the internet has to say about something related to my project. Because it seems I won’t be able to stick with the project I have now. Luckily, the work I’ve done for the last 2 years or so could be in the “1st chapter” of my thesis, so at least it counts for something.

So my PI sent me loose on some databases to look for “spliced isoforms” of another group of genes and some mice that are missing one of those groups of genes. Because there is actually a website where you can search a gene name and it will spit out a list of people who have made a mouse with that mutated gene and how to contact them. I could make the mutant animal myself, theoretically, but that would probably take at least a year. And we don’t want to wait that long to experiment on that animal, so we pay someone to give us theirs and acknowledge them in any publications.

Conclusion: I found a few mutant mice and aligned a bunch of spliced isoforms. Though I need to figure out how to get that alignment into DNA form instead of protein form… That’ll probably come later.


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