Day 69 of 100: Happy Weekend!

Today’s experiment: Donuts! Or doughnuts, however you spell them.



My amazing and wonderful and loving boyfriend agreed to drive me to and from Riverside to watch me play water polo at the Master’s National tournament this weekend. So I made him breakfast and coffee before our 11 am game.

We made donuts from Joy the Baker’s brown butter donuts recipe. The only thing we’d change is that we’d add less nutmeg, the nuttiness was pretty strong. Also, these turned out a little like muffins because we filled my donut tin a bit too much, meaning this recipe could probably make 12 instead of 6 donuts.

These definitely hit the spot, especially with a cup of coffee. And they were really easy and quick to make, which was nice because we had about 45 minutes to make and eat breakfast before we had to take off for Riverside.

Is there any difference between “donuts” and “doughnuts”? Which one is right? Does it matter? XD


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