Day 79 of 100: The wall?

Today’s experiment: Western blot loading control



It’s been pretty difficult finding experiments to do recently.

I’ve been waiting for an antibody to come in the mail for a week or so and wrote out an experimental proposal for my thesis committee so they could give me topics for my qualifying exam, so my last week has been mostly reading papers and writing and planning out some church activities.

Except I am SO CLOSE to completing this 100 day project, but it’s long enough that it’s becoming harder to believe that I’ll have 20 more days of experiments for you all. This might be what they call “hitting the wall.”

I know from experience in ministry, sports, even in work here that “the wall” is in fact push-past-able and I’ll be able to do it. But in this season of my work, I’ll be preparing for my qualifying exam (the written portion will be done around the end of August, my PI says… scary!) so it’ll be mostly reading papers and writing essays. We’ll see how this measurable data thing goes, but I’ll keep working at it 😀 You all have been very encouraging and this project has been so good for me, I’d love to be able to complete it without another hiatus.

Anyway this Western loading control is beautiful. Now to wait for the other antibody to come in the mail…


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