Day 81 of 100: Ooh, almost

Today’s experiment: Macarons!



Today was my first attempt making macarons, because I sort of feel like if I can make macarons I’ve conquered the baking world.

So I decided to use this recipe from Nerdy Nummies, and here’s the first batch. You can’t really tell from the picture, but they’re definitely burnt.

Macarons are quite touchy little buggers. Egg whites must be room temperature and beaten just right, batter must be lightly folded about 50-60 times and not mixed, batter must be tapped to remove air bubbles and sit for 30 minutes, oven must be the right temperature.

That last one is the problem. Our oven is ~30 degrees hot (tested using the sugar method), but I’m not exactly sure.

So I followed the instructions and baked the cookies for 20 minutes at what I thought was 300 degrees.

Moral of the story: oven thermometer may be a good investment.


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