Day 83 of 100: The satisfaction of efficiency

Today’s experiment: Spicy tomato and squash soup



There’s something quite satisfying to me about seeing what I have in the fridge and using as much of it as possible in one recipe.

In this week’s Abundant Harvest box I received tomatoes, squash, cucumber, lettuce, corn, basil, garlic, watermelon, and stone fruit. Abundant Harvest has a lot of these use-as-much-as-possible recipes, so I used this squash and tomato soup recipe.

But of course, I tweaked it with stuff I had in my pantry. I had red pepper flakes and honey, which I used in place of the peppers and maple syrup. I clearly did not have enough tomatoes because my soup is significantly more yellow than the soup in the recipe, so maybe buying a can of tomato paste would’ve been helpful. I used 2 cups of stock instead of 3.

It still tastes pretty good. And it’s spicy but not too much so. I’m trying to train myself to eat more spicy things anyway so it works out.


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