Day 87 of 100: Crunch time food

Today’s experiment: Collection of quick and simple food things



This week is my church’s Vacation Bible School, our church-wide outreach effort to children and families in our community. It is an absolutely stellar production and a true joy to be a part of every year.

But I have not done that much meal planning and cooking between work and VBS, so here are some collections of things that are tasty, decently healthy, filling, and quick to make for you on-the-go people. Which, frankly, seems to be a majority of America.

I’ve been working on slowing down in my life to allow time for rest, recuperation, and reflection, but we all have crunch time weeks.

In the photo I’ve made a matcha banana smoothie, baked chicken katsu, and an ear of corn. I made the smoothie and corn as the katsu was baking, and I had a great meal in 30 minutes.

Matcha banana smoothie
1 serving, based on recipe from JustOneCookbook1 tsp matcha
1 banana, chopped and frozen
1 cup or so of 1% milk
A bit of honey
Put all ingredients in a NutriBullet or blender and mix it all up!

Baked Chicken Katsu
I just used the JustOneCookbook recipe. I like this website. It also has great and quick recipes for baked salmon “katsu” or regular chicken katsu.

Microwave Corn
Seriously, just put the whole ear, husk on, in the microwave for 4 minutes. After it’s cooled a bit, cut off the basal end (cut me some slack, I’m a scientist) and slide the husk off and remove all the stringies. Done.


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