Day 89 of 100: 21 and over only, please

Today’s experiment: watermelon “jello shots”



Aren’t these pretty? I’m a big fan of this presentation!

I saw this recipe on Buzzfeed a while ago, and I thought I’d try it. The watermelon I had was pretty small, so I just cut the recipe in half.

That’s right: the watermelon serves as the base for the jello. You don’t actually use the inside of the watermelon in the jello, so feel free to eat the jello while It’s actually surprising how well the jello sticks to the side of the watermelon.

Though actually, theoretically you could make these without alcohol and just use cold water instead and I’m sure they’d work just as well.

Please eat your watermelon jello shots responsibly and in small doses. These things are pretty strong.


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