Day 90 of 100: Best brownies ever

Today’s experiment: Cookie dough brownies



I realize the title of this post is a bold thing to say.

But I’m sure that these are the best brownies ever, because you really can’t eat just one.

I made these with some middle school girls at my church in a small group context, and they were done by the end of our time together.

So I think “slutty brownies” refers to a chocolate chip cookie base with brownies on top, but these take that to a whole new level. They’re cold because you need the cookie dough to solidify, but that seems to make them a little less dense. And the cookie dough has no egg, so there’s no risk of salmonella.

Anyway, here’s the famous recipe, from Brown-eyed baker. I cut the recipe in half to make an 8×8 pan, 9×13 pan of brownies is a rather ridiculous amount of brownies and like 4 sticks of butter. Not necessarily a bad thing.


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