Day 93 of 100: Egg Drop Soup

Today’s experiment: Egg Drop Soup



When I was a kid, our family went to Silver Palace Restaurant in Whittier for a lot of our family gatherings.

I remember the fish at the entrance, the super-friendly host named Bob (I hope he’s still working there, he was there when our family went back about 2 years ago), the whole fish with the googly eye and all, and egg drop soup.

Ever since then, every time we go to a Chinese or pseudo-Chinese restaurant, I look for the egg drop soup.

So when I found a recipe to make it, you betcha I bounced on that. It’s super simple to make too! And if you do the chemistry right, you get beautiful egg ribbons.

This recipe from The Kitchn (not a typo) gives a lot of possible variations to the soup, ranging from mushrooms and tofu to star anise and cinnamon. I preferred to keep it simple, so this time I stuck with ginger and soy sauce. But I’ve added veggies in before, and it’s a great way to use up any extra greens/mushrooms you’ve got lying around.

Hurray, childhood throwbacks 😀


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