Day 96 of 100: Animal style tots!

Today’s experiment: Animal Style Tots



I never quite understood the whole “secret menu” thing. Especially since everyone knows what animal style fries are at In-N-Out. Do people get some sort of satisfaction from knowing what other people don’t about In-N-Out?

Okay, cynicism done.

One of the grad students in our department came to lunch with some amazing animal style tater tots from a food truck on campus, and this looked like the most amazing comfort food ever.

First, make the tots. I used this recipe. Also, if you want to do the sauce super legit, here’s a recipe. Otherwise, I caramelized some onions, added the onions, thousand island dressing, and some cheddar cheese to the tots, and baked it at about 400F until the cheese melted.

This was fabulous. I’ll probably try making the sauce recipe next time, but for the sake of time, the thousand island dressing works well.

On a side note, why can’t comfort food ever be healthy?


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